More and more men today are turning their back away from gold and platinum in terms of jewelry because of its high cost. Men’s silver rings have come to occupy a huge part of men’s fashion world. Silver jewelry made possible for men to enter the world of fashion because of its versatility, affordability and elegance. It became popular fashion statement for men aside from wedding rings and watches.

Men’s Silver rings are designed to have its own significant feature that are less likely to be found on women’s rings. Men’s fingers are bold and wider in structure compared to women, that is why silver ring for men are made wider to compliment their structure and masculinity, unlike, for women that are made with sleeker and thinner feature to compliment their grace and fashion. A kind of ring a man wears and the site where he wears it has a significant meaning. handmade jewellery

Silver rings made possible for men to wear various number of rings at a time without spending a fortune, regardless of your position in the society today. Silver rings for men comes in different styles and designs as well as with women, some designed by skilled artist with precious stones, Swarovski and crystals that come in variety of colors. Each color has a significant meaning that suits an individual’s personality or symbolizes a birthstone. For a conservative type of men there is a simple feature of ring, for a ruler type of men, a thumb ring made with bold and large feature is perfect. Either a ring is worn on the left or right, rings have significant meaning for each wearer. Wearing of ring on the left thumb for men signifies the instincts and beliefs while for the right thumb, it is more on logic and awareness. In ancient times, men believed that the thumb ring signifies one’s rank in society. The bigger it is, the higher the rank in the society. There a some people who believe that ring on the thumb symbolizes willpower and independence of men. That is why in ancient times men are given high treatment compared to women. But this does not necessarily mean guys have to wear gigantic rings, it still depends on how you will look and what suits you best. For men who are sentimental, personalized ring engraved with phrases or words are suitable. It is commonly use to exchange vows for friendships or for lovers.

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