Nicotine water may sound an unusual concept.

However, research by several companies proves the logic behind it and this is creating widespread interest due to it’s possible health benefits.

The idea behind Nicotine water is to give the benefits of Nicotine without, the other 4,000 odd chemicals in cigarettes that can cause disease and death. ejuice

By delivering Nicotine in Nicotine water, smokers can drink it when they don’t want to smoke or can’t smoke and may be getting some health benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at how Nicotine delivered in safer forms like nicotine water and away from cigarettes can have health benefits.

Could nicotine actually help boost brain power?

Several companies have researched this area and Nicotine water is just one of them, medical tests are showing promising results on humans at present.

The health benefits of Nicotine include:

A positive effect on memory and heightened alertness and this has been proved by testing smokers who smoke before an exam or a meeting.

Nicotine helps you feel better

Nicotine is also known to activate the receptors on the surface of cells in certain parts of the brain, causing these neurons to release the Neuro-transmitter dopamine, a chemical which gives feelings of pleasure.

Nicotine Schizophrenia & Attention Deficit Disorder

Medical research has also shown that people who have schizophrenia and attention deficit disorder tend to smoke more than the general population and this could be that these people may be making up for deficits in the brain that affect concentration and Nicotine helps them focus better.

Nicotine Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease

Meanwhile medical research shows smokers have a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s and possibly Alzheimer’s diseases and that Nicotine can also relieve the symptoms of these diseases.

Nicotine the truth

The fact is nicotine is showing great promise in medical research.

Public acceptance is hard to achieve simply because it is associated with smoking.

Nicotine for example, taken in nicotine water and with no harmful chemicals added is non-toxic and does no harm to the user whatsoever.

As we have see above could actually do users good.

Many people without realizing it take nicotine everyday, as it is a naturally occurring compound found in a number of teas and many vegetables including – potatoes and tomatoes, to name just two.

Research is ongoing

There are many companies studying the affects of nicotine in its pure form and research has even been funded by the government into its potential benefits.

Nicotine delivered for example, in nicotine water is safe and medical evidence to date shows no harmful side affects.

We already know from current medical research it can do you good and as research continues further benefits of this naturally occurring compound could emerge.

Nicotine has a bad reputation which is really un deserved due to it’s association with smoking, but that’s a bit like saying wheat is bad for you, because it is contained in some beers and people die of alcohol abuse.




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