“Dear Friends, I woke up in an excellent mood this morning. I looked around and I thought to myself: ‘my dream has become reality! I have a perfect room, where I can play, study..and it is in my favorite colour!” peppande citat 

Why couldn’t this be a letter written by your child?!

Children start developing a strong personality earlier in life than they did in the past; from a small age they have favorite colours, toys, clothes and many more preferences. So childrens rooms have to be special rooms within the household. Decorating it can be a fun activity for both children and parents.

Before work is started, some thought has to be put into the job at hand, it must create a warm and enjoyable atmosphere, adequate for the harmonious growing up of children.

Many children have their own rooms from birth, but start putting their own unique stamp on it as young as 3 years old. The doll house can transform into a real room, full of colour and personality, to create the fairy tale atmosphere.

The room can be accessorised with a Bookcase, Children’s Nightstands, Children’s Dressers and other decorative items, to design a practical room and at the same time specially created for your child.

The variety of childrens bedroom products available to purchase online make this task really easy once you make up your mind and know exactly what you want. The hard part is making that decision when you have such a large number of colour combination, designs and materials!

Tips when decorating your childs’ bedroom:
– consult with the children on the colour, as it is their room and they must love it
– make it practical, with bookcases for all the books they will read, dressers and spaces to store toys
– chose a combination of colours that create a warm and happy room; warm colours are based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orangey-reds, and the like.
– be creative – you can bring fairy tales into reality, as this is the age to believe in it
– don’t be afraid to try combinations of styles and colours, as the result can be surprisingly beautiful.

Don’t make this decision in a hurry, you can make the designing stage a game and quality time with your children. But on the other hand don’t take too much time or your children might have changed their minds about the final decisions!


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